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Presentation skills training, executive speech coaching, communication skills training from the  Speech Coach for Executives, George Torok
Coaching Fees

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Face-to-Face Executive Speech Coaching

  • Full Day$4,500
  • Half Day$2,500
  • 90 Minutes$1,500
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What's Your Guarantee?

You will be satisfied with the coaching that you receive or your money 100% refunded.

Call now to explore and arrange your speech coaching session.


Video Review$450

To have your video reviewed, send us a copy of your presentation (up to 30 minutes). George Torok will review your video then call you to discuss by phone. The phone discussion may be up to 60 minutes.

Group Coaching$4,800 for a group of 7

This is for a group of between four and seven of your people. The duration of the session will be up to four hours. Each person will receive individual coaching attention of at least thirty minutes. (That's only $688 per person for live presentation coaching.)

E Speech Coaching$570

In this case we use video recording and a secure E Speech Coaching website. You can record and upload a video of up to seven minutes. You will receive both written and video feedback from your speech coaching. Then you can record a new video of your revised presentation two more times for additional feedback from your speech coach.

You receive coaching up to three times on the progress of your presentation over two months. There are additional resources available for you at the E Speech Coaching website.

If you have other concerns and questions then call now to get the answers to your questions. 905-335-1997

If this is still beyond your budget then click here to enjoy the free presentation resources.

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Presentation Coaching Fees

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