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Communication Principles

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Communication Principles
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The secret to successful communication starts with the principles, the irrefutable truths. Learn these principles then you can begin to apply the techniques of communication. Try this interactive quiz on communication principles.

What is communication?
How do you send messages?
How does what you write, say or do impact on others?
How do we make decisions?
How do we make the important decisions in our life like career, spouse, home, investment, friends, vacation, car, etc... ?
What two emotional directions drive all of decisions?
What is the strongest emotion driver?
When what we see conflicts with what we hear, what do we believe?
How can you be a better communicator?
How can you be a superior communicator?

Communication Principles

Key Communication Principle: Emotion drives our major decisions.
When you establish an emotional bond with your audience you will dramatically improve the success of your presentations.

Key Communication Principle: Emotion moves people.
If you want to motivate people touch their emotions. If you want to make them think - challenge their intellect.

Key Communication Principle: What we see defeats what we hear.
When what we see conflicts with what we hear - we believe what we see.

Key Communication Principle: Fear is the most influential emotion we experience.
Recognize and address their fears if you want to move them.

Key Communication Principle: Passion defeats intellect.
We follow leaders with passion over leaders with logic.

Key Communication Principle: Rapport convinces.
If we like you - we listen to you and forgive your shortfalls.

These communication principles are fundamental to your communication success. They are a good start for you but not everything you need to understand about clear communication. Have you noticed how often we mis-communicate?

When you work with George Torok as your speech coach, he will show you how to apply the techniques of these communication principles. You will learn even more key principles of communication and more importantly - how to apply them for you and your style. You can be on your way to being an amazing communicator. Learn the principles, practice the techniques and work with a great speech coach.

Stop mis-communicating now. How much is that costing you? To address your questions and concerns about your communication skills contact George Torok now.

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