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Presentation skills training, executive speech coaching, communication skills training from the  Speech Coach for Executives, George Torok
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How we can help you
You can choose to work with George Torok and his associates in a number of ways to achieve the communication success that you need.
“George led an informative and thoughtful discussion in a very entertaining package. Not only did I learn ways to improve my presentation skills, but also to improve my day –to-day communication.”
Kathleen D’Amico, McMaster Alumni Association
Personal Coaching for executives
Personal coaching is for you if one or more of these is true:
  • You have a career defining presentation to deliver,
  • You need to improve your presentations to grow in your career or business,
  • You want to improve the impact of your messages,
  • You need to inspire, inform or direct your people through challenging times,
  • You once took a course on presentations and need a refresher to stay hot,
  • You are a good presenter and you want to move it up a notch or two,
  • You feel nervous speaking in front of others.

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Training programs for groups
  • Conquer the adrenaline, nerves and dry mouth
  • Capture and hold your audience's attention
  • Deliver presentations that inform, convince and persuade
You will learn:
  • What to do in the first 5 minutes
  • How to improve your confidence
  • How to close with authority
  • How to capture & hold attention
  • How to start & end on time
  • How to maximize your voice
  • How to handle questions
    and much more...

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"A tremendous success. Your keynote address was nothing short of excellent. I will be pleased to not only engage your services in the future and recommend that others do the same."
-Thomas W. Porter, Regional Director, Tradebank Canada
Keynote Speeches
George Torok delivers inspirational, entertaining and informative keynote speeches for corporations, associations and special meetings.

You can chose from one of his popular programs on Power Marketing, Power Presentations or Creative Problem Solving. You can also request a totally customized opening or closing keynote for your convention, conference or special event. He also has delivered special presentations on Leadership, Success and other business topics.

A keynote speech serves to present ideas and point people in the desired direction. A speech can be inspirational but it cannot 'motivate' others - however it can pull or push them in the direction that you wish to move. People are motivated by a system of rewards - real and perceived.
Your guarantee
George Torok in the boardroom When you work with George Torok - your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with the results your money will be refunded.

You might consider that a big risk on my part. I recognize that you are risking your investment of time and money when you work with me. This is my way of minimizing your risk. I am willing to offer this guarantee because I believe in my ability and more importantly have seen the results. This guarantee is based on a working relationship of trust and honesty. If at any time either party believes that the other is not operating in a frame of trust and honesty then the business relationship will be terminated.

Before I coach you we will meet to discuss your expected outcomes and we will get a feel for working together. If all looks okay then we will work together.

In other words - treat me fairly and I will treat you the same. I promise to give you exceptional value that meets or exceeds your expectations. You promise to be open and cooperative with me.

George Torok
Call George Torok now to arrange your coaching or training program to deliver superior presentations.

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