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Presentation skills training, executive speech coaching, communication skills training from the  Speech Coach for Executives, George Torok
Speech Coaching for Executives

One-on-one private and confidential speech and presentation coaching for CEOs, presidents, senior executives, organization leaders, corporate spokespersons, rainmakers, professional speakers, thought leaders, bestselling authors and professionals

Executive speech coaching from George Torok

You demonstrated to us how to cut a 60-minute rambling presentation into a 12-minute clear, concise and focused presentation that helped us secure a $10 million project.

Sam Kohn, President, Kubik

Executive Speech Coaching is for you if:

  • You deliver high value presentations
  • You deliver high profile presentations
  • You place a high value on your time
  • Successful presentations are mission critical to your business
  • Effective presentations are important to you and your success
  • You have an urgent need to improve your presentations
  • You want to upgrade your delivery
  • There is an obstacle that's interfering with your presentation prowess
  • You have accepted a new role with the opportunity to speak more often
  • You want to feel more confident and comfortable about speaking in public

Personalized For You

Everyone is unique in their needs and situation. That's why personal speech coaching is so effective. It's a process of questioning, testing, observing and guiding. You get precisely what you need to improve your speaking skills and achieve your results. You will not waste your time on irrelevant topics.

What presentation challenges can we help you with?

Click here to view the list of Presentation Concerns and Issues.

Private and Confidential

Depending on your position and situation you might want to keep this coaching totally confidential. Many clients have requested total confidentiality. We can't tell you their names or positions. Naturally, corporate clients have shared confidential information with George Torok. Those trusts are respected and honoured.

Fortunately, some clients have offered testimonials and allowed us to share them with you. You'll notice some of them on this website.

How Will This Work?

You will meet with George Torok face-to-face at a location of your choice. The most common time frame is a half-day session. During that session you will either work on a specific presentation or use a sample presentation as a case study. Be prepared to deliver that presentation on your feet and receive immediate and constructive coaching.

The speech coaching might not be as dramatic or as combative as depicted in the movie, The King's Speech, but it will be effective. You will be appropriately challenged, guided and encouraged by George Torok.

We will focus on your presentation goals and strengths while we mitigate the obstacles.

How Long Will it Take?

It depends on the situation, the challenges and the goal. Many clients have achieved their results with one half-day or full-day coaching session. Some situations require a little more. A few clients work with George Torok before every multimillion dollar proposal to ensure the best results from their presentation.

Your Situation is Different

We understand that everyone is different. Fortunately, the principles of communication, persuasion and human behaviour are constant and universal. Techniques will vary based on the situation. Some of George Torok's strengths are listening, analyzing and understanding different perspectives. He can connect the dots between big picture and details, strategy and tactics, logic and emotion.

What is George's experience with various client situations?

Click here to see the range of client situations, their presentation challenges and how they were helped.

Executive speech coach helps company president speak in Budapest

Thank you for your assistance and direction. My speech in Budapest was very successful. I received lots of positive feedback. I couldn't have done it without you.

Dale Armstrong, CEO, Armstrong International Movers

Next Steps?

Contact George Torok by email Coach@Torok.com or phone 905-335-1997
(Phone is always more reliable.)

After an initial discussion (no charge) we will jointly decide how we will proceed.


Here are your investment options for personal coaching with George Torok

Executive speech coach George Torok gurantees your satisfaction
Face-to-Face Executive Speech Coaching
  • Full Day$4,500
  • Half Day$2,500
  • 90 Minutes$1,500

What's Your Guarantee?

You will be satisfied with the coaching that you receive or your money 100% refunded.

Call now to explore and arrange your speech coaching session.

Your coaching proved to be an effective "just-in-time" learning for me. During our session you were able to observe my communication style and presentation format and provide me with targeted strategies that I could easily apply. I have found that my approach to presentations has become more effective and productive! I am using the digital voice recorder to provide me with feedback as you had recommended. I am amazed at the effect that one coaching session has had.

Bianca Stern, Director Occupational Therapy, Baycrest Centre


If those fees for executive speech coaching are beyond your budget at this time then click here for other coaching options.

If you have other concerns and questions then call now to get the answers to your questions.

If this is still beyond your budget then click here to enjoy the free presentation resources.

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One-on-One Speech Coaching for Executives

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