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Speech Anxiety: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
By John Robert Colombo
  This article addresses these questions about speech anxiety and the fear of public speaking.
Why do we fear public speaking?
Is speech anxiety normal?
What can we do to face our public speaking fear and speech anxiety?
Fear of Public Speaking
Speech anxiety is a general term for the sense of fear or panic that overtakes a person when he or she is called upon to speak or otherwise perform in public. There are other ways to refer to it: anxiousness, nervousness, "the jitters," stage fright, fear of public speaking, performance anxiety, etc. It usually strikes when someone has to deliver a presentation before a group of people. It makes little difference whether the audience is large or small, composed of familiar or unfamiliar faces. Psychologists consider speech anxiety to be a special case of what is commonly known as shyness. Read more...
Wisdom from business leaders
One effective technique you can use easily when speaking to help build the strength of your message and connect better with your audience is to quote from famous leaders. When you have a business message then quote from business leaders. Here are a few that you might use.
Knowing something about your customer is just as important as knowing everything about your product.
Harvey MacKay
Bestselling author, CEO

Don't get mad. Get Even
Lee Iacocca
Former CEO and saviour of Chrysler

Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are 'costs'.
Peter Drucker
Bestselling author, management guru

The most frustrating part of running a technical organization isn't necessarily the technology. Often it's the people.
Richard L. Schmalensee
Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management

I don't care how much you know. If you are not able to explain it to me, you know nothing.
David Conrath
Dean, DeGroot School of Business
Insights & Quotes from George Torok
Enjoy, repeat and learn from these pithy quotes from George Torok, as delivered in his executive coaching, speeches and presentation skills training. They reflect the knowledge of principles, techniques and lessons gained from public speaking, keynote speaking and presentation training over the past decade.

We judge your success by the confidence you exude.
You need a system to succeed. Talent is never enough.
You have all the confidence you will ever need inside of you. It may be hidden deep you must give yourself permission to let it out.

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Presentation techniques, tips: articles
presentation tips, articles Hundreds of ideas and articles packed with practical advise and examples on how you can speak with impact. You may read, print and distribute these articles. You may also reprint them at no charge if you honour the conditions shown. Be sure to keep the bio and contact line intact. Give credit where credit is due.

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Recommended books
Secrets of Power Presentations by Peter Urs Bender Secrets of Power Presentations by Peter Urs Bender
The best book on presentations skills. See below under 'Alternative learning options'.

How to get your point across in 30 seconds or less by Milo Frank
Give this book to all your people. Teach them how to waste less time and convey the right information.

The non-designers design handbook by Robin Williams
Use four design principles to creative better presentation graphics and slides. This book clearly explains the correct use of fonts. Make it easy for people to read what you want them to read and sell your message - instead of forcing them to sleep through your next PowerPoint presentation. Also insist that your web designers read this book.
Alternative learning options
If you want to improve your presentations but are unwilling or unable to invest the amount of money required for coaching with George Torok at this time - then you can try the following two alternative options. When you are ready you can still call George Torok for your personal coaching to take you to the next level of speaking.

Toastmasters International Join Toastmasters. This is a worldwide non-profit association dedicated to teaching its members presentation skills. It is a club-structured process - not a classroom. There are no instructors. Instead the members coach and encourage each other's development. It is a positive learning environment. They have a well-structured process for teaching the fundamentals of public speaking. George Torok continues his membership in Toastmasters because they helped him so much early in his speaking career. George Torok makes guest appearances at Toastmaster special functions and conferences. Most clubs meet weekly - so you have the opportunity for regular positive reinforcement. If there is enough interest at your company you can inquire about forming your own company Toastmasters club. For more information visit their website

Secrets of Power Presentations Read the bestselling book, Secrets of Power Presentations by Peter Urs Bender. Bender is known as Canada's Business Presentation Guru. The book is published around the world and in more than half a dozen languages. When George Torok started his speaking career he was advised by a good friend - you must read this book if you want to be a speaker. This is the best book George Torok has found on presentation skills. If you speak you must have it in your briefcase. Before George Torok will coach you he will ask you to buy and read this book. Reading this book will give you a great head start on developing your public speaking skills.

You can buy this book in most bookstores. You can also order in bulk for all your managers or sales reps by emailing
George, you were outstanding!

Peter Urs Bender, Canada's Presentation Guru
You are encouraged to use these resources to improve your speaking skills. If you want and need dramatic results call George Torok to work directly with you.
Call George Torok now to arrange your coaching or training program to deliver superior presentations.

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