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Here's what CEOs said about working with George Torok:

George Torok traveled across Canada to meet with two dozen groups of CEO’s and business owners. The main purpose of these meetings was to help them with their marketing programs. They discussed their challenges. Torok offered them key principles of success, innovative marketing ideas and practical techniques for powerful marketing. Torok’s plan was to listen to them, help them and inspire them. Yes, CEOs need inspiration too.

And here is what they said:

George Torok traveled across Canada to meet with two dozen groups of CEO’s and business owners.  Toronto
Very practical. Good examples. Entertaining. Good group engagement opportunities-many thanks. Beneficial topic although we've covered this recently. Good content-I need to digest it and put into action.

Very good, thought provoking. Will recommend to national office. Simple concepts that require discipline. I am confident that action will result in success over time. Good message. Very motivational.

Lots of common sense with a different look, innovative use of things at our fingertips. Very interesting presenter with an easy approach. Relevant information that I will review and integrate into my strategies and actions. Motivational, quite upbeat, good pointers. I really enjoyed George and what he had to teach.

Very useful information. Can apply these techniques right away. Very effective and useful. Lots of valuable content that may be used immediately.

 Hockley Resort
Great message and delivery. Very useable material, teaches presentation skills and uses them well. Important topic, presentation with passion, effective handouts.

Current. Natural. Not high tech, but good take away. Good content and material matched. A little goofy on the style end.

Great speaker and lots of ideas. Interesting and easy to follow and understand. He didn't really need any handouts and/or audio visuals. Great information. Excellent content and presentation.

Great speaker. I would… have him make a presentation to my sales staff. We (our co.) need this! Dynamic, entertaining, interesting. Practices what he preaches.

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