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You and your needs
To guarantee the success of your presentations do you need and want help to...
Project more Confidence
What can you do to feel more confident?
How can you recover from the “brown outs”?
How can you become a more confident speaker?
Design your presentation
What parts of your presentation should you rehearse more than any other part?
How do you guarantee that your speech connects with your audience?
How can you build in smooth transitions as you move from point to point?
Choose the wright words
What are the three most important words you should use in your speech?
What deadly words and phrases should you avoid?
What test can you perform to check the relevance of your words?
Grab attention & keep it
What three simple techniques can you use to grab attention?
How do you keep their attention?
What do you say when they seem to be fading?
Sell, persuade and move to action
How can you position yourself as the qualified expert or leader without appearing to brag?
How can you imbed your sales message throughout your presentation?
What selling techniques used in the most successful advertising campaigns can you apply?
Get your ideas understood
How do you explain technical concepts to non-technical groups?
How do you choose the right language for your audience?
What are the best ways to present numbers?
Be effective and memorable
How can you emphasize your important points?
How can you find, craft and deliver the right kind of humour effectively?
How can you discover and tell your stories for maximum impact?
Handle questions with authority
How can you plan the question period to move in the direction you want?
How can you deal with interruptions, hecklers and difficult questions?
How can you turn every question into a gift - even if it wasn't meant that way?
Become a better leader
What is the most important 'thing' that leaders must offer to followers?
How can you enhance and nurture leadership skills?
Why are presentation skills an important tool for leadership?
Become a dynamic speaker
How do you project confidence even when you don't feel it?
What is the best way to rehearse your speech?
What are the two strongest techniques you can and must master?
Talk to the media
What can you say instead of 'No comment'?
How can you turn a negative question into a positive opportunity for you?
What can you say that the media loves to hear?
Present with computers and multi-media
What self-sabotaging mistakes can you avoid when presenting with PowerPoint and computer projectors?
How can you keep your presentation alive when the computer dies?
What simple techniques will position you uniquely when presenting with computers?
Using Anecdotes, analogies and stories
Why are stories so powerful?
Where can you find your stories?
How can you craft and deliver effective stories?
Become a professional speaker
How can you fast track your transition from a speaker that is 'for free' to 'for free'?
Where and how do you promote yourself as a professional speaker?
How do you set and negotiate your speaking fees?
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The above are some of the questions and concerns that George Torok can answer for you. You might have other questions that we can address. We guarantee that your concerns will be addressed and you will notice immediate results. Your program will be delivered to meet your most pressing needs and wants.
Call George Torok now to arrange your coaching or training program to deliver superior presentations.

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