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Would you like to know more about your executive speech coach, George Torok, his experience, skills, expertise in business communication and integrity? Do you want to know how he will coach you to transform the way you speak? If yes, then read on…
"The speaker not to be missed – George Torok gave us a compelling presentation on how to deliver a message with impact."
S. W., Board of Trade Young Professionals
Who is George Torok?  

Speech Coach
George Torok works one-on-one with professionals and executives from business, associations and government to help them present themselves with power. He will show you how to build on your natural strengths and character. Your time is valuable so his speech coaching style is direct and constructive. He will help you get the results you want and need from your presentations. When you work with George Torok you will notice dramatic results in your presentations and speeches that are immediate and enduring.

"One of George’s special talents is his ability to bring out the best in other people. He is able to put his finger on the key passage of a speech or a report and right away find a better way to express it in words, tones, or gestures."

John Robert Colombo, C.M., D.Litt.
President, Colombo & Company; author of "Colombo's Canadian Quotations," editor of "Canadian Global Almanac," and other popular reference books

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Radio Show Host
Business in Motion George Torok conceived, created and hosts the weekly radio show Business in Motion on 93.3 CFMU. The radio station recognized him for his innovative style and professional contributions over the years. He has hosted the show since 1995 and has interviewed hundreds of business leaders. He interviews corporate executives, entrepreneurs and innovators to learn and convey to listeners the insights, challenges and lessons of Business in Motion. In his speeches, presentation training and coaching programs he brings to you the experience and insights from these business and community leaders. He has learned to talk with executives about their issues and make it understandable and interesting to the listening public. You can hear about these insights in his professional speeches and read about them in his business articles. For example: ask your speech coach about the two things he discovered that most successful CEO's have in common.

Best selling author
Secrets of Power Marketing George Torok is co-author of the national bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You! - the first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. It is published in seven countries and was nominated for a national business book award. It is a practical approach to marketing - action and results oriented. This is his first book - more to follow. He has been quoted and published in at least four other books.

Business Writer
George Torok is a business columnist for several magazines and newsletters. He is a specialist in thinking and communication skills. He has published more than 300 articles on business. His writing covers a broad range of topics and offers practical insights into achieving business and career success. One of the most important success skills for you is the ability to communicate effectively through presentations, speeches and conversation. George Torok has researched and worked with business leaders to capture their thoughts on success - the past and the future.

Media Guest
George Torok appears often in the media as a guest expert. He is an informed and entertaining guest for radio, TV and print. He knows how to appear interesting, informative and cooperative with the media. That's why he is asked back often. The media has referred to him as a marketing guru, speech coach, presentation skills expert and a Citizen of the World.

Business Expert
After more than 20 years in corporate management George Torok launched his own business. He worked in various areas of business including sales, marketing and operations. He has worked in many industries including automotive, hospitality, government, heavy manufacturing, machinery, distribution, entertainment, ...
He is an entrepreneur, executive coach, business consultant and ongoing student of business.

Keynote Speaker
Community Volunteer George Torok delivers inspirational keynote speeches that entertain, challenge and leave audiences with actionable tools. You can select from one of his proven and popular presentations - or you can request a unique speech to deliver your special message. He has spoken to a variety of audiences - in terms of industry, culture and size. He knows how to entertain, education and evoke action. You can depend on George Torok to deliver a speech that will wow your audience.

George Torok works with sales teams and management groups to help them grow, sell more and achieve success. He helps reluctant or 'non-communicators' get their message out clearly, concisely and completely in an effective speech. He is a regular guest instructor at the MGD school of business, teaching MBA students how to present themselves in business. He is a specialist in thinking and communication skills. He offers seminars and training programs on Presentation skills, Personal Marketing and Creative Problem Solving.

Community volunteer
United Way George Torok volunteers his service with select associations and community groups. He understands a variety of perspectives. He knows what it takes to be effective working and speaking in a committee setting. He has learned and applied his communication and speaking skills in a variety of settings from City Hall to national association board member. George Torok has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to many of the organizations that he has worked with. He has donated many a speech and training services to community work. Some of the groups he has worked with include: Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, United Way, ...

Explorer of Life
George Torok is a creator and explorer. At the age of 20 he journeyed around the world for one year visiting over 20 countries on five continents. These twelve months of backpacking and exploration cost less than $4,500. He now prefers to travel business class. In 2001 he completed his first triathlon (Tri-a-Tri). In 2002 his first half-marathon and in 2003 his first full marathon. You might hear about some of the lessons he learned and circumstances in a speech.
Protecting your privacy
Your name, company or any information about you will not be used without your express permission. George Torok is used to working closely and discreetly with company CEO's, presidents and even royalty - and you might never learn about them because of his promise of secrecy. If you want to keep your consulting or coaching work quiet - that's the way it will be.
George Torok
You are invited to contact your speech coach, George Torok, now to arrange your personal coaching or group training program. The longer you wait the more you lose.

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Interviewed By
Interviewed by New York Times as Executive speech Coach

Featured In
Featured in Globe & Mail as Executive Speech Coach

Heard On
Interviewed on AM 900 CHML as presentation skills expert

Spoken To
Keynote speaker at International and Regional conferences of Toastmasters International

Presented On
Delivered two presentations on a moving train for CPSA

Quoted In
Quoted in John Robert Colombo's Famous Lasting Words, Great Canadian Quotations

Member Of
Charter member and past national board member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Radio Host of
George Torok is host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion

Instructor For
Instructing MBA students to deliver successful business presentations

Faculty For
George Torok delivers Effective Executive Speaking program for past decade at Canadian Management Centre

Licensed to Deliver
Secrets of Power Presentations by Canada's business presentation guru, Peter Urs Bender

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